Romance Covers — 2 Comments

  1. Love this post! Covers are such a tricky subject for authors and readers alike. As a reader, I rely on covers to tell me what kind of book I’m picking up, but if I know the book is one I want to read already, then it really doesn’t matter what the cover looks like. It does bother me if the cover subjects look nothing like the people they are supposed to represent. I’ve been lucky with my own covers–I’ve loved them all, except for the fact that another book by my publisher that came out after one of mine has the exact same couple in the same pose on the cover and it is very disorienting every time I come across it because I think it’s my book!

    • Yes, I absolutely know what you mean. I’ve stumbled across the same models from Rosalyn’s Ring on another cover! Thanks for stopping by, Libby!