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The cover for THE RIGHT EARL by Alina K. Field, a red-toned night scene with a silhouette of a carriage and horses.

Edward Everly is called home to England, but not because of the Irish rebels who’ve uncovered his work for the Crown. His brother has died, saddling him with a title and responsibilities, tying him down while France is descending into the chaos of revolution. What he needs is a sensible wife.

She’s been given everything, but Grandpapa can’t give her a title. For that she must marry, and nothing less than an earl will do. When her insufferable fiancé dies, saving her from an impossible match, his brother and heir shows up with a strategy to woo her. Could he be the right earl for her?

The Right Earl is a short prequel to The Sons of the Spy Lord Series

The Right Earl  is available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers via Bookfunnel. This short prequel to the Sons of the Spy Lord series tells the story of the Spy Lord’s first venture into matrimony.

Cats on the Keyboard

If you’re looking for a collection of fun, free reads, look no further than  Cats on the Keyboard: Real Life Cat Stories by 14 Historical Romance Authors.

This is a collection of cat stories and book excerpts from historical romance authors, including my own story of how this little guy came into our lives:


This is my cat, Henry, doing what he does best! Sadly, this little guy crossed over the rainbow bridge some time ago, but I have many memories of his mischief!

Download a copy of this collection for free today at Amazon.com.