The ICK! Factor Words–#MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge and Hop — 10 Comments

  1. Totally agree with you! I use the ‘C’ word in my work ONLY sparingly! The ‘F’ one….I’ve had a couple of characters who love that word, but you’ll only hear it come out of my mouth if I’m hopping mad!

    • I’m totally for the freedom to use whatever words are appropriate for the story and the character!

  2. Language prohibitions are funny things. Growing up in a working class neighborhood, I learned all the dirty words early in life, and back then there were largely the property of the working class. When I married the middle class love of my life, I unlearned them. A couple of my sons are now upper-middle class, and they wonder why I swear so little! What goes around comes around, I guess. My MFRW.

  3. You don’t like chick but how do you feel about calling a person Chook? In no way derogatory btw. Hey Chook. Thanks Chook. It’s Aussie slang. 🙂