Seven Not So Guilty Pleasures: #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge — 11 Comments

    • Haha, Ed! Actually, the dog bathes in our tub more than I do. (Double scrubbing for me–her and the tub). I’m always in a rush, and showers are faster!

  1. I prefer beer to wine, also. Best lager I ever drank is Czech Budvar (the real original Budweiser) sold as Czechwar in the states if you can find it.

    • I grew up in St. Louis and had an uncle who worked at Anheuser Busch his whole career. I’m going to look for Czechwar at Bevmo, Lyndi. Maybe we could hoist a couple at the California Dreamin’ Conference!

  2. I’m looking forward to getting our bathroom redone so I can enjoy nice long baths again. Girl Scout cookies come around once a year, you have to get them while you can. 🙂

    • We have one little neighbor girl scout who hits our house every year. It’s fun watching her grow up a little more every year.

  3. Love the Thin Mints, but have you tried the S’Mores? OMG…..the ones we got (more like Fudge Squares from Keebler) were okay, but the ones my mom had (shortbread with chocolate and marshmallow cream) were AWESOME!

    • Yes, those were good this year! I’m still in love with the lemon ones. I bought my last box yesterday from the girls selling outside the grocery store. I think that makes 15 boxes for the season.