Returning Warriors — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this thoughtful article, Alina. I’ll check out Danelo’s book. I agree that each person who serves has a different experience. My dad’s WWII experiences were quite different from those of his friends, depending on where each man served and in what theater. My dad was Army Air Force ground crew, so didn’t face a lot of danger. He was one of the few who liked to reminisce about his army days. Not everyone wanted to talk about it. One of our friends got very drunk one night and talked about what it was like to be in Patton’s tank corps. It was fascinating and appalling. He’d never mentioned it before in all the years we knew him.

    And btw, I love that WWI postcard. Very sweet to see him return with a nosegay for his lady love.

    • Linda, my dad might have worked along side your dad! Only once did he ever share a bad memory, of removing the dead and wounded from a shot up bomber.

      Thanks for stopping by!