(No) Music to Write By When I #AmWriting; #MFRWAuthor Blog Hop — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing the Rain. I wrote it down because I miss it. Having moved from the east coast USA to Wyoming, I don’t get to hear rainy days the way I used to. I’m going to tune in to this, and who knows, it might get my fingers drumming across the keypad.

    • I didn’t realize Wyoming was dry also. There’s something cozy about being inside and cozy on a rainy day. Enjoy!

  2. There’s an app for everything! LOL Gotta love the age of technology. A few months back I came across a website that was similar, it let you pick the type of white noise you enjoyed and you could play it. From rain, to birds, even static TV there were a lot of options. For me rain makes me sleepy. I think it’s the rhythmic nature of it or something that lulls me to sleep. I get my best sleep on hard stormy nights.

  3. Music pushes my emotional buttons, which demands action (dancing, singing, moving). Writing for me seems to fall more into reflection, exploration, trying to capture the emotions. For that, the noises of live work just fine. Glad to find another writer frustrated that there are no play lists. What I have done once is develop a play list that captured or represented my characters at different parts in their arc or the plot itself. It was kind of fun to put together.

  4. Songs will often trigger story ideas, but like you, I can’t write to music. It’s silence all the way for me.

    • It’s kind of like hearing someone else’s story being read while you’re trying to write your own!