Life Lessons: Talking Is Just as Important #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge, Week 28 — 14 Comments

  1. It drives me crazy, too, to read a black moment that could be cleared up if the people would just talk to each other. But, people need to communicate with each other more in their real lives, so I guess it’s not so farfetched, even if it makes me nuts.

  2. Yes I agree. Bringing in the families is important. I have that a little in my current WIP since the couple have been friends so already close with each other’s family. I totally agree with the lack of proper communication as a drama device. Sometimes that happens, but most adults (hopefully) know how to use their words and talk things through. LOL

  3. In my WIP I include the heroine’s family . . . although it’s her dead brother who’s been ‘copied” by a shape-shifter. Does that count?

  4. “…there have always been strong and capable women and men who understood and appreciated them. ” you have no idea how refreshing it is hear someone ELSE say this instead of it always being inside my head 😀

  5. It drives me crazy when a misunderstanding causes so much grief because the two characters refuse to talk to each other! Makes me want to jump into the story, lock them in a room, and not let them out until everything is cleared up!! I vowed to NEVER do that in any of my books.

    • I know! I think that’s why I prefer books with a lot of adventure or suspense. Even crazy, outrageous conflict is more believable than the emo characters who can’t/won’t talk to each other.