#atozchallenge: E is for…Earl and Entail — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting! I did not know that about the entail either…
    By the way, I am writing my dissertation on online role-playing forums, and I found one recently that was based in a Regency setting… It was delightful to browse through 🙂

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    • I’ve honestly never heard of online role-playing forums. I’ll have to google that! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Yes, it seems unfair to me also, but it shows how important character and family bonds were, with the heir needing to take care of family members. Jane Austen demonstrates what a great plot device it can be.

  2. Inheritance laws did not just adversely impact women. Sons who were not the eldest also did not inherit land, and had to make a way for themselves in the world. This is why often these men immigrated to America. I have a few in my ancestry, as I have discovered doing genealogy research.