What I Should be Doing: #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge, Week 31 — 18 Comments

  1. Egads! I forgot to include the feeding of my pets in my post. Yes, that’s absolutely first! Enjoyed your post.

  2. enjoyed the post, especially henry. Our wakeup call was TIghe. He’d be up with the first bird chip (aka sunrise.) ANd if we ignored the loud meows and gently patting of our faces and didn’t get up to feed him fast enough, he’d slam the bedroom door. Let’s just say he had a thorough understanding of escalation.

  3. Coyote Explosion – we seem to be having that here as well. Me and Exercise – hahaha. Love how you skirted that one. For me, it’s like being forced to work alongside an ex that you’d just as soon fell off of the face of the earth. IT’s a love hate relationship. I hate it. I hate doing it. I was athletic in my youth, but as the years piled up so have the pounds. Well, fast foward to now and I have to do it. It’s part of my cancer treatment, exercise is very important to get proper circulation and all of those other health benefits. YEah, blah blah blah. I’ll do it if I have to I guess. Maybe if we move to a coastal town where i can walk the beach. Anyway, Love your post!!

    • I think we put such high expectations on ourselves from seeing people at the gym or watching exercise videos. Exercising ought to be more fun than that! Best of luck with your treatments. I’m sending healing thoughts your way!

  4. I have the same relationship with exercise that you do – proceed with caution. I’ve had to deal with plantar fasciitis this year, so I’m more likely to hop on the exercise bike for a few minutes than take a good walk. Every little bit helps, right?

    Gabby is so cute. No one could resist those eyes. Keep her safe from those dang Coyotes!

  5. All the should’ve, would’ve, could’ve — could fill a book, lol. I have my coffee set on a timer- so there is very little time between awaking and the caffeine infusion. Enjoyed the post! Love the pet pics!

    • When I had a day job I put the coffee on a timer. Now my wakeup time is a tad inconsistent, so we bought a Bunn that brews 10 cups in about 2 minutes.

  6. Lol, having just fed our two cats, I totally agree that they must come first. I’m ashamed to think I left their feedings off my post. The ways ours carry on while we’re opening cat food cans, you’d think they hadn’t seen food since last week. Enjoyed your post!

  7. LOL on this part: I perform all the routine personal hygiene tasks that no one ever includes in a romance novel. It’s so very true. No one needs to know all those dirty details.

    Our dogs are more patient about eating, for a little while. The oldest one starts to get antsy if we make her wait too long. Caffeine, that seems to be the magical power behind all us writers.

  8. I too have a brood of pets. I start my coffee and fill that space while its brewing feeding my cats ( they would attack me if they don’t go first, my Gunnea pigs that start squealing the moment i appearing the room, my fish then poor patient Molly. LOL Maybe that should count as exercise LOL

  9. Poor Molly gets to eat last! I can’t remember how big she is, but maybe she has the bigger stomach and can wait longer.