The Game that Won (and Sometimes Lost) the West — 2 Comments

  1. I love the way that Lady Archer got away with running a crooked faro bank for many years – players bet on the next card to be turned up, so having a bent deck was a great advantage to the banker! Young men up from the country would be lured in to the gaming tables at 11 at night – and would not emerge until 4 or even 5 in the morning, bleary eyed and broke! There are some fine Gillray cartoons humiliating Lady Archer and her coterie of friends by showing her in the stocks, being pelted with rotten fruit!

    • Interesting! I had heard of faro but thought it was strictly British. I didn’t realize it’s popularity in the U.S. until I saw decks of old-fashioned faro cards for sale at a gift store in Tombstone, Arizona.

      Thank you for stopping by! I so enjoy your Georgian Gentleman blog.