Story Inspiration–Week 14 #MFRW Blog Challenge — 12 Comments

  1. Love it! A simple thing can inspire a creative mind. You obviously have a vey creative mind! I have to add your books to my TOBEREAD list! I am thoroughly intrigued!

  2. How cool you’ve put out 3 books born from a single theme requirement. And in doing so found a love of a different sort with writing the Regency Romance.

  3. I think the success of soap operas and telenovelas proves that people love interrelated characters and spin-offs. Plus, they’re super fun to write!

  4. I read Regency, too. But have never dared to write it. Good for you for taking the plunge.

    • I’ve learned so much about that historical period since I started writing in it!

  5. Great story. My first published short was a response to a call for stories about witches, and then other ideas evolve from there.

  6. I liked hearing how you use characters from one book in stories of their own. It’s sort of like a family that starts with a wedding ring and creates all sorts of offspring.