Sewing A Regency Gown — 7 Comments

    • I hope it’s a cool day because this dress is heavy! The skirt has an interesting cut in the back waistline to create a gathered train effect, and it’s fully lined. Thanks for stopping by, Tari!

  1. Puce is blood of a flea and has more brownish tones in it, More towards egg plant, I think. The crimson will make a good winter dress. I have that Butterick pattern but never noticed the lacing. I will have to see about it. The Butterick is a pattern used by many who found it easer than others. I also have the Simplicity. I think I used parts of both for a dress I made. Mine is definitely a day dress made by a poor old widowed woman .

    • Thanks, Nancy for the input on the colors. It was really hard to find a fabric to suit me. I’d love to see your dress some time.

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