The Pandemic Proves Marie Kondo is Wrong; Plus a Book Recommendation — 8 Comments

  1. My husband made masks from an old t-shirt. No sewing needed. (I can’t sew at all.) I minimalized last year and haven’t needed any of the stuff I got rid of. Yet! We did keep a few board games which we play every week. Our Monopoly game is getting a workout. The only thing I didn’t get rid of is books but now I buy everything on Kindle so too many books isn’t a problem anymore.

  2. I agree with you about Kondo. Read the book, decluttered some – even getting rid of some books. Thank heavens I did not do more culling! I’m slowly reading many of my TBR books.

    • I think she has some good advice–in moderation. It’s good to at least be able to find things. I’m going through my TBR pile also, as I have time. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  3. I’m doing a major declutter. Not from following advice, but because I’m really not physically able to do crafts anymore. I have tons of crafts stuff, of all kinds. It was very hard to make the decision, until my niece began making and selling online. Now her family desperately needs the money so I’m giving her my artsy stuff. It’s going to take awhile because my physical strength is limited. My fabric already shipped off, I made masks using pillow cases and an old dress. Not fancy but does the job.
    I really miss my crafts.

    • At least you know everything is going to someone who will value it. So sorry you can’t craft anymore. I treasure my EVA rocks.

  4. I’ve been slowly decluttering after clearing out my mom’s house and not wanting to leave all this for my kids. But I still have a lot of fabric, so I’ve been doing a LOT of sewing. Since the stay-in-place order in Michigan I’ve made 120 masks, 10 isolation gowns, 10 pillowcases, and 20 quilt tops – and I haven’t bought any fabric, elastic, bias tape, or velcro! Needless to say, I haven’t had time to get bored. And I feel better, knowing the supplies I had are going toward people and situations where they are needed. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet felt the urge to write. Hopefully that will come later.

    • You’re so lucky to have all those supplies, Patricia. That’s an amazing output! I’m definitely going to stockpile fabric, as soon as I feel comfortable going out to the store. One of our best stores is open with limited hours, but there’s still a fair number of virus cases where I live, so I’m being careful. When I’m gone, the kids can donate the fabric and crafting supplies!

      And I hear you on the writing. I’m SO struggling to get words on the page to meet deadlines. Thanks for stopping by!