New Year’s Resolutions: #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge, Week 52 — 15 Comments

  1. Good luck with all your plans for 2018! A trip sounds wonderful. I’ll be attending my very first conference this year. With the Twitter CP group I’m a part of, we all made plans to attend the RWA conference in Denver. I’m excited because I’ve never done one and I’ll get to meet those ladies in person.

    Hope you can make your trip happen. I’ll have to go looking for the info for the 2018 hop. Happy New Year

  2. Good luck with all your resolutions (I’ll join you on the “take a shovel” one – it’s on my list, too, lol). I hope you get to Poland – I’m looking forward to reading about it on your blog. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, Robin. That decluttering goal is the one I shove to the bottom of the list far too often.

  3. That’s a very impressive list, Alina. I especially like “say NO to all volunteer opportunities.” I didn’t do that last year, and now I’m stuck with more “opportunities” for 2018 than I really want.

    • I’m in that boat too, Ed. That one ought to be easy but I still struggle with saying no.