My Hobbies: Things I Do When I’m Not Writing Books: #MFRWAuthor Blog Hop — 16 Comments

    • The dresses are fun to make. I love not having to fit around an expanding waistline, LOL! I need to more hiking!

  1. That owl hat is very cute! My sewing skills consist of being able to maybe get a button back on or sewing up a fairly small hole in something.

  2. My grandmother tried, in vain, to teach me to knit! I’d master it while with her, but forget everything once I was home and tried to pick it up again. I DID master ‘spool knitting’, and have about 6-7 yards of knitted yarn that *may* one day become a very colorful rug.

    I never learned to sew, despite two home ec classes, but I can repair hems, buttonholes, and embroider/cross-stitch. Plus, I’ve recently taken up needlepoint.

    I LOVE this pictures! I would also love to be able to go on more trips to see our national parks.

  3. Oh, I’m so jealous of you being able to make your own Regency gowns! I used to do very fine needlework, but I could never master clothing construction. I barely passed seventh grade sewing class. Cool pics of Joshua Tree.

    • The Regency styles are very forgiving in so many ways. I don’t think I could tackle a Victorian gown.

    • The right headspace for sewing—I totally get that, Heather! I love buying fabric but I have to be in the right mood to start sewing, not to mention having a chunk of time to spend on it.