Meet My Best Friend–#MFRWAuthor Blog Hop and Challenge — 12 Comments

  1. My husband was my best friend, though we started out with passion. I don’t think it matters which came first, as long as both love and friendship exist in the relationship. Good quote from Nietzsche. He got some things right!

  2. I agree. Having that friendship there is just as important as the love. I’m working on a friends to lover story and I feel like my characters having that base there helps add to the trust that is needed in a relationship. While they still have that get to know you period on a romantic level, having the foundation of knowing the type of person they already are makes the transition a little smoother to me.

    • Sounds like an interesting story, Meka. I think it would be a fun challenge to write a friends to lovers romance.

  3. Sounds like the chicken and egg question of which comes first. lol. I’d have to go with friendship. There’s a lot of stability and foundation in that. My husband was a friend first (I was dating his best friend!), and I know that’s kept us going (17 years wed; friends for nearly 10 years before that).

  4. Can you separate romantic love from friendship? I think they happen together, growing subtly until you’re in love. Lust is in there somewhere too of course. 😀

    Falling in love is different for everyone. In my case, my hubby was my boyfriend when we were ten. We dated on and off for a decade. We married at 22 and are coming up on our 26th anniversary soon. He is without a doubt my best friend and I’m glad to be his. 🙂