Murders Most British — 5 Comments

  1. I’m a huge fan! I’ve gone through the entire series available here at least three times. It’s amazing who shows up as guest stars/murderers/victims.

    • Yes, I’m impressed at the way the British keep their actors employed. And it’s so fun to see who became a big star later.

  2. David and I have been watching Midsomer all summer and still have more to watch! Love the series! We much prefer it over our commercial TV series!

  3. UPDATE: Debra Thompson fact-checked my post and disputed the notion that Michelle Dockery appeared in Midsomer Murders. My husband had fact-checked this for me while we were watching the episode (because he was skeptical as well). But Debra is correct! The actress playing the police constable was Gillian Kearney, a dead ringer for Michelle. Thank you, Debra!