How Many Words? #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge — 12 Comments

  1. I’m beginning to realize that my brain was in a totally different place when I wrote my blog post than everyone else’s LOL. I didn’t even think about daily word count, but that’s probably because a few years ago I had to stop setting word-count goals and focus on time spent in front of the computer. I agree with you that the bottom line is that a writer needs to get words on the page. We each need to do what works for us at the moment. There have been times in my career when I’d have laughed at Grisham’s 200 words a day, and other times when that rule would have felt far too demanding.

    • Going by time spent at the computer is another good way to manage, as long as I don’t start browsing through social media!

  2. Good luck with your draft. 500 words sounds doable, if you’re not me. LOL I set a goal for 600 words a day this year and yeah, it’s been a struggle. But I keep trying.

    • I like Nora Roberts’ philosophy–if the words aren’t on the page, we can’t fix them later.

  3. The thing with aiming for 500 or 200 words per day, or even 8 minutes of writing per day, is that is gets you to sit down and just write. Some days, you’ll undoubtedly write more than you expect, which is manna from heaven.

  4. Social media and blog posts like the ones we are doing for this challenge sure can get in the way of actual WIP writing. I’m learning to write first and check social media later…way later.