Favorite Book Quotes: #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge, Week 40 — 10 Comments

  1. I agree with the comment regarding the times. By the time you get to the end you’re out of breath. And loved the sentiment regarding dying. Have to work that emotion into a story.

  2. It’s interesting to see how different our speech/writing is compared to back in Dicken’s day. It must have taken people forever to get to the point (obviously)!

  3. Being from GA, you’d think I would have at least put the Gone With The Wind quote. LOL I’ve not read the book or seen the movie, but it’s hard to not know that quote.

    I agree with you on the hook. It’s a hard thing to get right and something I also struggle with. And yes, what might be a hook to one person could be boring and uninteresting to another.