Open Door Policy: #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge, Week 34 — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve heard that bathroom door advice before, and it sure makes sense to me. Goes both ways, of course. Both partners need to listen 🙂

  2. Apparently Americans are prudish with the bathrooms, ( closed doors). Count me as a full-blooded American! Seriously, do we have to be told to close the door? I was uncomfortable in college when I had to use the shared community style bathrooms. I had a coworker once, leave the door wide open on her stall so she could talk to me while she did her thing. I was like – GAH! NO!
    I agree with Sherry, both spouses should take that advice.
    Another bit of advice – post a toxic gas sign post usage!

    LOL! Loved your post!

  3. Yes, close the bathroom door and don’t forget the Poo-pourri!

    Isn’t it interesting how approximately half of of us interpreted the prompt to be about doors in general and the other half honed in, laserlike, on love scenes in romance novels?

    • You are so right about this difference in interpretation. Kayelle is snickering at all of us now!

      To be honest, I have a couple of deadlines coming up and I’m pressed for time, so I chose to do a quick photo essay. But I think the other variation on the topic might have been easier!

    • A couple of years ago my daughter texted me a selfie during her jump. I nearly had a heart attack because I had no idea she was planning that. It’s just as well I found out after the fact!

  4. So wrote a whole response that got eaten. 🙁 Love technology. LOL

    Anyway, what I can remember: My office doesn’t have doors, so there’s nothing to close. It sits in the middle of the house since it’s my dining room turned office. My bedroom door I keep closed. It’s the only place I really get any privacy and alone quiet time away from the kids. There are times I leave it open and all 3 boys will end up in there watching TV and hanging out with the pets that also will follow me in if the door is left open. Because they had a habit of just walking in, one year for Mother’s Day my gift was a new knob that locked.

  5. It IS funny how differently we interpreted this blog topic! Some of those doors/entrances/bathrooms you posted are gorgeous. I’ll pass on the open airplane door!

  6. If more than one person lives in the house, yes, close that bathroom door. I mostly sleep with my bedroom door halfway open ninety percent of the time. Creative choices for the door images and captions to go with them, Alina.

  7. LOL….if I’m in an airplane, that door had better be FIRMLY closed and LOCKED! As for those emergency doors….when I was in a coed dorm, we LIKED it when the doors were open…..meaning I could spend HOURS saying goodnight to my man, or even having a quickie in the empty room on either side of it….;) Yes, we knew when the RAs made their rounds, lmao!