Conference Roundup — 5 Comments

  1. Wow…sounds like a great conference!
    I’m definitely checking the group out.
    Good luck and God’s blessings

  2. Fantastic post.

    I disagree, however, with Truby’s points that ” the hero’s journey is too simplistic and bores readers and the three-act structure was developed for stage plays and doesn’t make for exciting novels.” His computer program and his books, both of which I have and have used based on his 22 steps, are based on that three-act structure that Hollywood uses, too. Syd Field was the one who provided the three-act structure paradigm that all other writing gurus have layered upon, creating improved paradigms. Strange that Truby would say that the hero’s journey is simplistic. Is that to show his 22-step journey is better? It’s not, IMO. His program adds layers to the plot, but it doesn’t add needed layers to characterization, which is what really drives the hero’s journey.

    I’ve timed many great movies on the hero’s journey paradigm and it works every time. The journey itself is only one element for story. And, these movies I’ve timed are some of the most exciting, block-buster movies ever produced.

    Sounds like a great conference with many diverse programs.

    • Thanks for weighing in on this, Diana! Truby was speaking to an audience of mostly Fantasy, SciFi, and Thriller authors of novels. I think his point was that readers expect a lot more story than movie-viewers, and I have to agree. Plus, I guess he was speaking to my personal biases. I have trouble finding plotting “systems” that resonate with me. Most of the screen-writing based books just don’t click for me. I like that Truby addresses the unique issues of the romance genre.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to give us an insider’s view of the conference. I eye-balled the conference but was too late–by the time I decided to try, the registration slots were all taken.

    Maybe next year–your post made me curious.