Because it’s Fun!: #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge Week 26 — 20 Comments

  1. It is fun or we wouldn’t do it. No one wants to be forced to do something they don’t enjoy. Translating the story in my head to paper is a journey,not a straight path since things always change, but the journey is fun. Seeing where the story goes, how the characters react, all of it exciting.

    • I’m not sure I’d ever quit, but I might switch to writing nonfiction, or some other genre fiction, if I stopped having fun with romance.

  2. Oh, man, you are so right that genre fiction gives people hope and literary fiction takes it away! Sometimes you just want to shoot yourself after reading one of those depressing stories, which is why I don’t do so very often. So much better to have fun and hope with our stories. I can get depress all by myself just by watching the news. I don’t books that bring me down, too.

    • I agree about the news. Which is why I escape into books. My life brings enough tears I don’t need a book to do it too. If I can’t have real fun (or a happy life, fame, success–fill in the blank), at least let me read about someone else who is.

    • I know, Linda. I can’t bring myself to read literary fiction, no matter how much someone raves about a book. Life is too short to be that depressed, and besides, I have too many romances and mysteries in my TBR stack!

  3. I love the joie de vivre of your post! Every once in a while . . . okay, more often than that . . . I need to be reminded to lighten up and have fun with my writing.

    • Usually when I get horribly stuck it’s because I’ve forgotten to have fun and entertain myself.

  4. It IS fun despite all of the issues, pitfalls, down sides, etc. We all agree it is in us to write regardless of talent level or story line. It’s great to know we’re together on a lot of the issues that might hold us back, so thanks for helping me along on this fun AND exciting journey.

  5. Yes, I LOVE hearing everyone’s take on this topic. We all have so much in common!

  6. Love your thoughts on literary fiction vs genre fiction. It’s so true – some books are SO depressing. I crave the HEAs you find in romances!

    • Your blog post was spot on, Maureen! I get really cranky also when I can’t get a moment to write.