10 Facts about Hunting in the Regency Era — 4 Comments

  1. Fascinating information, Alina. It does give new meaning to the word “inequality” though. And we wonder why Americans are so intent on the right to keep and bear arms. I imagine the origins of that can be found in Georgian laws that said a poor man’s family should starve so the lord could have his hunting parties. Grrr. The kind of thing that happened during the Irish Potato Famine. Oh, don’t get me started!

    I think I’ve read Regency romances with poaching subplots, but I can’t dredge up any titles at the moment. Great post, thanks.

    • Yes, this concept of only a certain class being allowed to hunt, in fact to own hunting tools down to the type of dog, is amazing. Bovill says that the lower classes had virtually no moral objections to poaching. “Better to be hanged for poaching than starve slowly” is one quote in the book.

  2. Yes, poaching is a sore spot for me, too. I didn’t know about the loophole for squires. That’s kinda funny. I’m researching hunting during the Regency and in particular, am trying to find references about hunting lodges. If you can give me any information on that, or point me to a good souce. I’d very much appreciate it.

    • I took a quick look at Bovill’s book, and though he has a few pages on country house parties, there’s nothing on hunting lodges. I’ll see what I can find and contact you at your email. Thanks so much for stopping by.