Tickling my Funny Bone: #MFRW Blog Challenge, Week 18 — 20 Comments

    • Oh, I definitely agree about Billy Crystal and the Oscars. For me, he was the only reason to watch. Wouldn’t it be great if they put the Blue Collar guys on to host that show?

  1. Lucy still makes me laugh. I love the chocolate factory episode. I don’t remember seeing Analyze This, which must mean I didn’t see it. Sounds like a good movie for Saturday night. Congrats on your new release, Alina.

  2. I remember my parents watching the Honeymooners. I never quite got it. But I love the British comedies. Just thinking about Fawlty Towers makes me laugh. Waiting For God, Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances bring a smile.

    • The Honeymooners definitely depicts a different era of working class folks. I have to check out Keeping up Appearances! Thanks for stopping by.

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