My Hangouts–#MFRW Blog Hop Week 15 — 11 Comments

  1. My sister loves Pintrest. She keeps telling me to join, but for more on a personal level than professional. I’ve resisted both so far. Reading Peggy’s post, and one other (how quickly I forget) I learned a new one today called Tribber.

    • I completely forgot to mention Triberr. I’m a member of several groups there, and it’s wonderful to have all the help getting the word out about books and blog posts. It’s a real community effort.

      Meka, you might learn to love Pinterest. I have a board for each of my books, including pictures that inspired or helped firm up descriptions. I also have boards for different things I’m interested in (historical fashion, inspirational quotes, recipes (if you like to cook, join for the recipes alone!), and I also have a board with links to all of my 2016 A to Z blog challenge posts.

  2. Shari, you can build boards with images related to your books, and people who are collecting those types of images will be introduced to you via your Pinterest Boards. It’s a little more name recognition.

      • I noticed that when I went to your blog post. (Sorry! I had replied to your comment here before hopping over there). I just took a class with Elena Dillon about Visual Content marketing. She advises several things, including linking your Pinterest pins to your website, Amazon, or other sales platforms, installing a pin-it plugin to your website for all the images on your blog post, and then staying in for the long haul. She says that Pinterest is less social media than search engine. I honestly haven’t absorbed or implemented all of her ideas yet, but I did get the pin-it plug-in installed. Contact me at if you have more questions.

  3. To me, Pinterest is like what I used to do with magazines – rip out recipes and articles and compile them in a big book (only now it’s an ebook). It’s certainly addicting. Thanks for the ideas, too, Alina K. Field!

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